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What is Rehab? – Everything you need to know

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Rehab centers help people struggling with drugs, alcohol, substance abuse, or addiction. The rehab center’s focus is to help these individuals safely reduce and then eliminate their dependency.

Getting help can mean different things and take many other forms. Treatment success is not determine by immediate and long-term abstinence but when the person truly understands their affluence use disorder and feels comfortable seeking help should a relapse occur.

How Expensive Can Help Rehab Centers Provide Help?

The RxPense® can be used to safe medications and control their release. In addition, extensive and personalized monitoring and reporting capabilities are available in the Cloud.

Controlled Drug Release

The RxPense® secures medications and ensures that only those authorized can dispense. Only those authorized can issue at a time determined by the rehabilitation center. For example, John can only take medicine once, every 4 hours. At all other times, they remain closed and are not available. Maria, however, can take a medication every 2 hours. When Mary authenticates with the expense with her exclusive ID or voice, her image is capture and the medication is dispensed.

Administrative Control

The RxPense® Portal can access the profile of each patient by authorized users and establish dispensing cycles, medication details, and the reporting process. Contacts are notified when medications are taken or not taken. Direct video communication is possible from anywhere. Reports are create for a specific patient, group, organization, or location.

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Mental Health Support

The RxPense® can be a portion of a coordinated solution that supports seniors, caregivers, and people living with mental health and addiction issues. Medications must be taken frequently and consistently to ensure maximum effectiveness and benefit. Caregivers can’t always be there to remind their loved ones or patients to take their medications. The RxPense® may become the digital aid to help patients with mental health problems maintain medication adherence. When a dose is missed, caregivers are inform. Medications remain secure and lock and are only dispensed to the patient according to a strict schedule. A complete history and audit trail are retained in the Cloud, open only to authorize persons.

What is Outpatient Rehab?

Outpatient Rehab

Addiction treatment has a spectrum of intensity. Rehabilitation treatment levels can range from a highly structured residential setting and a more balanced structure of autonomy and supervision in partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs to treatment with minimal supervision.

Outpatient rehabilitation is design for people with relatively low supervision and structure needs. Outpatient treatment for drug or alcohol addiction typically includes clients who live at home or in sober housing and travel to a rehabilitation center during the day for medical support and counseling several times a week.

A reduced need for intensive care means that outpatient rehabilitation costs significantly less than inpatient or residential treatment. The specific cost of outpatient rehabilitation depends on the services each person needs. Many insurance plans fully or partially cover inpatient and also outpatient rehabilitation services.

What Does Outpatient Rehabilitation Include?

Although the components of outpatient rehabilitation vary depending on the programs each rehabilitation center offers and the individual needs of each client, outpatient treatment programs typically offer:

  • Medical services, including medication management
  • Treatment of co-occurring mental illnesses
  • Terapia individual
  • group therapy
  • relapse prevention

How to Find Nearby Rehab Centers?

You can start your search at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration to find a free rehab center in your area. Then, use your state addiction help directory to find a local resource to contact in your state. Finally, review your annual income, health insurance, and financial assistance needs before signing up.

For some people, any monetary cost of rehabilitation is too much. For destitute, jobless, or homeless people struggling with addiction’s emotional, physical, and financial costs, ​​starting a treatment program seems impossible due to a lack of money. Many treatment programs are beyond the financial reach of such people and their families, so some try to quit cold turkey, detox at home, or use other non-evidence-based methods, which can be dangerous. Some of these people, although they want to overcome their addictions, abandon the idea of ​​rehabilitation only because of the inability to pay.

How to Start your Search for Free Treatment Programs?

One way to find free rehab programs is through the government; The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) offers a search function that tells you about nearby treatment centers based on a physical address. A search filter can be apply base on specific needs.

Free Public Drug Rehab Programs

Most states fund drug and alcohol rehabilitation services through public mental health or substance abuse treatment centers, which those can access without health insurance or income.

These centers often require their clients to qualify by proving:

  • residency in the state, as interpreted by the particular state.
  • Lack of income and insurance.
  • Legal residence in the United States.
  • Addictive condition and also the need for intervention.

Depending on the particular state, there may be other requirements to accept a person into a free rehabilitation program. For example, once this information is establish, if the state determines that the client cannot pay, the state may provide treatment at various levels through specific clinics and treatment centers.

It is how a Rehabilitation Center for People with Addictions Works

These fundamental aspects define how detoxification and rehabilitation centers work, assuming they offer all the coverage of services linked to this type of professional support for patients.

1. Casualty Support Service

Although the image that lots of people have of what a rehabilitation and addiction cure center has involves a place where you have to stay admitted, the truth is that most organizations of this type also have a casualty center, to which patients can go at specific times without having to wait to live in the facilities.

2. Entrance Service

Income is different from the most useful and demanded services for fighting addictions. The professionals involved in the operation of the rehabilitation centers strive to ensure that they provide a comfortable environment with all the material and human resources necessary to support the well-being and health of the people who resort to residential treatments.

3. Psychiatric and Medical Support

The teams that achieve the rehabilitation centers include health professionals from different areas of specialty to care for people with addiction problems, something essential whether the addiction is with drugs or without drugs (pathological gambling, addiction to video games, etc.). We have doctors, nursing staff, psychotherapists, etc.

4. Support for Dual Pathology

Addictions overlap with other psychological or psychiatric disorders, such as major depression, Borderline Personality Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and others. In these cases, what is commonly called “dual pathology” appears.

For this cause, rehabilitation centers are unaware that for most patients, one of these psychopathologies can be as or more hurting than the addiction itself, and treatments must be approve for both problems.


Rehab center is the generic term for a place that provides substance addiction treatment. Generally known as a drug treatment center or facility, rehab provides an individualized combination of therapies to help addicts find sobriety and permanent recovery. Drug rehab programs can be inpatient or outpatient, either short-term or long-term.

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