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Hangnails: How to Take Care of your Hangnails?

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Hangnails: Human nails are pretty tough. We’ll avoid the “tough as nails” joke, as they’re not quite that tough, but our nails can certainly stand up to a lot of wear and tear. We face many problems with our fingers and toenails, such as splits, cracks, fungus, and the dreaded, painful hangnail. A hangnail is very annoying, and we’ve all had them, even if we don’t realize what they are. Hangnails are that tiny, torn piece of skin next to our fingers and toenails. Yes, quite painful and annoying. What’s worse is that these hangnails can become infected and cause even more severe issues.

It is when a good nail treatment can help out, such as the one from Doctors Kline + Green. Though, how many ways are there to treat hangnails? Let’s go over some remedy ideas that you may implement if you deal with hangnails.

Ways that you can Take Care of your Hangnails

Preventative Care

a hangnail isn’t your nail; it’s just the skin beside the nail. So it can happen quite often depending on your habits. It would help if you always moisturized, for starters. Also, make sure that the skin around your nails is firm and that your skin is retaining moisture. It is the best way to fight against these painful and pesky hangnails. Preventative care is always the key to avoiding so many issues.

The Right Nail Repair Gel

The Right Nail Repair Gel

Let’s get into what you can do if you have hangnails. Working to prevent is one thing, but helping with the issue you’re suffering now may be more critical. An excellent nail treatment will help you eliminate these hangnails. Even though the nails’ treatment ointment goes on the nails, what it does is it provides a ton of moisture to the surrounding skin. It will also keep your nails growing healthier and straighter and prevent your cuticles from going wild on you. After clipping the excess skin from a hangnail, the treatment you use will provide that necessary moisture to help your skin heal up as good as new while preventing future issues.

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Soak in Warm Water

Those hangnails can be pretty stubborn, but mostly they’re just dried skin that has cracked off a bit and is now just hanging out there. That’s why they’re so painful. You have that little tab of skin that causes pain in the inflamed area when moved. So, you need moisture provided to this dry area. Soaking your fingers or toes in some clean, warm water for 20 minutes will soften that skin to the point that the dead skin is just ready to fall off. It would help if you still cut it off with clippers; don’t tear at it, as you might tear open a wound. Just soak and cut; it’s as simple as that.

Always Cut when Short

You have to be diligent here and cut everything nail-related with clippers. It means, firstly, keeping those nails short. Or, if you want longer nails, cut them very even, particularly around the ends, with a sharp implement. It would support if you also watched for hangnails on your hands and feet. At the first sign of a little tab of skin poking up, snip it off with the clippers. Just check your hands right now. You might have two or three starts. They won’t hurt or be an issue until they’re left alone to grow and tear more. So keep them cut off, and you won’t have a problem going forward.

The best way to handle your hangnails is with a nail product to treat damaged nails. It will help you more than anything once you develop hangnails. To keep you from getting them, use the preventative tips here like moisturizing and often checking to cut them off, literally nipping them in the bud.

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