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Glamorous Black and Gold Nail Designs

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Black and Gold Nail: Are you looking for new nail art? Then you are in the right place! We have found some black and gold nails that you will love. Black and gold complement each other beautifully, creating glamorous nails. We love this color combination, and also we think you will too. There’s an idea for everyone, from stripes and sequins to stunning gold foil. Take a look, each design can be tried at home, or you can take the photo to your salon.

Women’s nails have always been an inescapable reference of excellence and charm. You can create different designs on your nails, from elegant French nails to sparkling bracelet nails. This year is about restoring notable trends with black and gold nail designs.

The Gatsby Black and Gold Nail Art

Black and Gold Nail Designs

It is a nail design that became trendy among women as soon as this design was seen. Just like the movie and everything associate with it, nails are meant to look soft and extremely bold when drawn in this style. Black and gold tones are perfect for this type of nail art.

Stripy Nail Design

It has been one of the hottest nail fashion trends for many years and has also been seen on several fashion icons this year. Just mix and match these shades and experiment with these two colors to create beautiful parallel and straight patterns. Mix these two colors to get this elegant look.

Polka Dots Designs

Polka dots have continuously been a favorite of all women. A popular mix of black and also gold tones, stunning designs, and shimmering sequins on top is sure to turn heads.

French Black and Gold Nails

The black and gold french nail treatment is one of the chicest styles. Short nails with dark colors as a base are exceptional. The gold-colored glitter looks very classic and extraordinarily impressive on dark clean nails. Angled effect nail art is easy, and anyone can pull off this attractive design.

Black, Gold, and White Nail Design

Black and gold are an elegant combination. These colors also look great with other shades. Here we have a design idea that involves white enamel. As you can see, all three colors make for a great manicure. You can recreate a design similar to the one shown or take a method and mix colors or create your own. Or maybe you can wear striped polka dots in black and gold.

Chic Black Nails with Gold Glitter

Cuticle nail designs are super trendy. Our next idea shows how to make this look using black and gold. The nails were paint black with a gold stroke on each cuticle.  Therefore it is such a beautiful design idea. Nails like these would be impeccable for a night out, party, or another special event.

Black and Gold Chevron Nails

You can also add silver to your gold and dark manicure. Here we have a chevron idea with black, gold, and silver stripes. It is a fun and stylish design. The look was made with IsaDora nail polish in silver flakes, gold flakes, and dark truffles. Chevrons can be create with tape, but a chevron template from Twinkle T was use for this manicure.

Stylish Gold Nails with Black Accent Nail

Are you looking for a unique manicure? Then this next idea is for you! Here we have perfect nails with a gold foil design and also a matte black accent nail. We love this idea because it’s stylish and eye-catching. You can re-form a similar look or take inspiration from the elements to create your gold and also black design. Gloss black can also be use.

Matte Black and Gold Nails

Matte black nails are so classy and elegant. Here we have an impressive example of how you can combine matte black and gold. These nails are lengthy and black with two accent nails. The accent nails are black and frozen with a gold glitter pattern. You can recreate the frosted look with gray polish and then put your black design on top.

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