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How to Apply Eyeshadow Step by Step?

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Does the eyeshadow resist you? We teach you how to make up your eyeshadow like a professional in 6 easy steps. Don’t resist wearing a radiant look. Mascara and eyeliner have become essential makeup essentials to get the most out of your face. But what about eyeshadows? We explain how to apply them correctly, step by step :

Prepare the Eyelid for Glowing Eyeshadow

Eyelid for Glowing Eyeshadow

Before making up the eyes, use an eye primer or primer. This product, presented in liquid or cream format, prepares the eyelid before makeup. It makes the shadows last and pigment more, facilitates an even application, and prevents them from cracking.

Most of the eye pre-bases are nude and are concealed with makeup, although there are also gold or glitter shades to enhance the look further.

Use at Least Three Shades and Blend Well

You can choose the ones you want. However, if you’re going to get pretty eyeshadow makeup, we recommend using three colours of the same colour range, from lighter to darker.

In the following steps, we will explain how and where to apply each shadow. Finally, choose a very bright and light fourth shadow to illuminate the area of the tear and the arch of the eyebrow.

The application technique is essential when it comes to obtaining a good result. Use two brushes, one to apply the shadows and the other to blend.

Who hasn’t had to remove their eyes after applying the shadows because they looked like raccoons? One of the most common mistakes is not to blur the clouds. However, this is a fundamental step to achieving proper eye makeup. Otherwise, the darkness will not look natural and create the dreaded raccoon effect.

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Apply a Transition Shadow to Get Beautiful Eyeshadow

For this step, use the lightest colour of the three you have chosen. The shades you use must be of the same colour range to achieve a more professional result.

Apply this shadow to the eye socket and blend well with a brush. This way, you will be able to unify the different tones and reduce the differences between the shades, achieving a much more natural result.

Put the Central Shadow all Over the Movable Eyelid

This shade will be the predominant makeup. In this case, use a flat brush to deposit the product all over the mobile eyelid. Then blend well to achieve a natural result and reduce the excess product.

Provides Depth to the Gaze with the Darkest Tone

Apply the darkest shade to the outside corner of the eye socket, just where the bone ends, and blend gently to avoid cuts.

Shadow to Light up Eyeshadow

Finally, give the shining touch, and brighten the look, apply an apparent and luminous shadow in the area of the tear and the arch of the eyebrow.

When did Eye Shadows Start to be Use in Makeup?

Eye shadows have been use in the world of makeup for thousands of years; that is, they are as old as the fact of using makeup itself. Ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman civilizations used eye shadows in their makeup compositions.

It was already at the beginning of the 20th century when the first large cosmetics industries began to appear, which included eye shadows among their product offerings. However, at this time, makeup products were used almost exclusively by women belonging to the upper classes of society. It was not until the 1940s that makeup became accessible to everyone.

In the 1960s and 1970s, new shades of eye shadow began to appear; as it was at this point, light, green and blue tones became fashionable.

Already in 1990, all the current shades and some types of compounds in the manufacture of shadows had appeared, such as cream shadows, to which the different kinds of eye shadows have been added until today.


Eye shadow is a cosmetic applied mainly to the eyelids to attract attention to the wearer’s eyes, creating them stand out or look more beautiful. Eye shadow can also be apply under the eyes, cheeks or brow bones. Civilizations worldwide use eye shadow predominantly on females but occasionally on males.

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