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Did Bruce Lee Diet? What Eats for His Diet?

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Bruce Lee Diet – Bruce Lee was continually experimenting on himself and seeing what functioned for his body. There was cardio, weight training, martial methods, teaching as training, nutrition from diet to supplements, meditation, and reading books. Frequently Bruce would be found doing several things at once, such as stretching and reading, using his time professionally.

Bruce’s diet varied, but he reliably drank protein shakes and juices from their commercial-grade juicer, an unusual household appliance in the 60s. Bruce Lee traveled on many diets, including one with organ meats, because of their high mineral content. In addition, he drank tea daily and put supplements into his tea, such as ginseng and royal jelly. Usually had five smaller meals a day.

After Bruce’s big fight in Oakland, he started to travel in fitness and nutrition more. He started weight excited but disliked being bulky. So instead, Bruce began training for function over form to make his body strong, fast, and graceful. Bruce created and modified his exercise equipment to target specific body parts. Bruce kept thorough daily planners where he wrote how many kicks, punches, crunches, or miles run he did each day. Stretching and meditation were also essential parts of his fitness routine.

There have been many BruceLee Moments throughout my life that I often reflect on while hearing the podcast. One that I’d similar to share is in reply to the ‘Walk On’ episode 11 topic about phrases we use to help us. I use Bruce Lee’s quote, “Life itself is your teacher, and you are in a state of constant learning.” There is no more quote that I’ve applied in my experience as a student and educator than this one. When I first got to teach a college class at New Mexico State University in 2007, I included the quote on the syllabus for a first-year English class.

Meanwhile then, I’ve taught more than a dozen college courses focused on creative justice and have always included this quote for students in the syllabus. Most recently, I got the chance to teach a summer course in 2016 titled “Creative Languages of Masculinity In & Out of Juvenile Detention.” The Bruce Lee quote also enthused me to create a Teaching Philosophy a few years ago, which I also included in my course syllabus. Here’s a piece of the Education Philosophy I wrote inspired by Bruce Lee’s quote…”As an instructor, I do not admit to knowing everything about the complexity of the ever-changing juvenile justice system and the range of experience students bring into the classroom.

We’re all in a state of continuous learning. I’m a teacher who is also a student and will bestow just as much time as I’ll demand. Therefore, everyone participating in this class is accountable for the success of our learning experience.” When I graduated in 2008 with my Master’s Degree in Creative Writing, I included Bruce Lee’s quote in my completion invitation. Thank you for creating this podcast for spectators that Bruce Lee has inspired. Since childhood, Bruce Lee’s inspiration has been constant, especially in my journey and goals to learn and teach. Each week I listen to a new podcast, and I’m re-inspired to continue taking steps and ‘walk on’ towards original goals…Thank you for the podcast and all that you do in the name of Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee followed a simple diet plan and fitness monotonous that will make any fitness freak scream “GOALS!”.

Bruce Lee Diet – Here are some instructions from Bruce Lee’s diet strategy:

  1. He was loving of steak and even went to McDonald’s once in a while, but refused to binge on junk food to kill hunger pangs
  2. He has precious beef, shrimp, chicken, tofu, and above all, vegetables. He always favored vegetable-heavy Chinese food dishware.
  3. He chose simple carbohydrate-heavy Chinese dishes over fat and protein-rich Western food helpings.
  4. He would eat four or five smaller meals daily instead of three large meals (Quit bingeing, be it on nutrition or Netflix shows).
  5. He HATED dairy and could not appreciate why people in the west loved cheese! He used powdered milk in his cereal and protein shakes.
  6. He also used lots of vegetables in his drinks (Much healthier than a fancy, processed protein shake mix).
  7. He would also eat fruit daily to boost his breakdown.
  8. Bruce Lee evaded refined flour and baked goods, like cakes and biscuits.


Bruce Lee Diet – Though Bruce Lee ate meat, he preferred vegetable-heavy Chinese food dishes. Bruce reviled dairy and couldn’t appreciate why Western persons ate cheese. He also used loads of vegetables in his protein shake drinks. Suppose you’re a vegetarian or vegan trying to follow the Bruce Lee diet. In that case, you can eat many non-meat protein substitutes, like green peas, beans, peanut butter, and edamame, for a modified Bruce Lee-type version of a vegetarian diet.

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