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Angelina Jolie Diet, Weight Loss and Exercise?

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The famous actress Angelina jolie follows a very healthy diet mostly focusing on antioxidants rich foods such as omega3 fatty acids and complex carbohydrate . to maintain a plumpy skin she drinks lots of water and add lemon to it.

She avoids smoking cigarettes and having empty-calorie junk foods, gluten and sugar that can cause water retention.

According to Jolie, she occasionally goes through stages where she only eats one thing. She lost some weight, for instance, during her ‘soup phase’. Jolie typically has 4-6 tiny meals daily instead of three large ones.

Quinoa, millet, spelt, buckwheat and chia seeds are ancient grains that Jolie has, as she claims they are high in nutrients and have given her complexion a healthy glow.

Angelina Jolie usually has a snack consisting of fruit, light string cheese and Kashi TLC 7 grain crackers for lunch. However, she prefers a tuna fish sandwich for lunch.

Her dinner consists of grilled or baked skinless chicken breast, baked potato or half-small baked sweet potato, steamed vegetables and margarine.

The Diet of Angelina Jolie

When I quit smoking, I started to improve very much in weight. For a month, I recorded + 5kg. I read many forums and information on diets, and obvious to try Angelina’s diet and Jolie’s secrets of slimness. I lost 10 kg because I excluded all solid foods from the usual diet and swapped to soups, cocktails and juices. Angelina Jolie’s diet indorses weight loss since it does not have a different menu

I had the same problem, left smoking, and improved to 8 kg for six months. After that, I tried several diets, but I always felt weak with them; I could not work usually. Finally, my friend advised a diet of Jolie, and I decided to try it. I switched to liquid nutrition and frequent meals; after two weeks, there was a result, and my state of health was excellent. So this diet suited me very much; I still sit on it, and it was left to drop quite a bit to my ideal weight.

After a long illness, I unrealistically considerably recovered and became an absolute behemoth! Accordingly, from this health problem, I did not become less. Long tried to lose weight and not eat low-calorie food, but it’s all useless. Then, I accidentally stumbled on the diet of Angelina Jolie and rejoiced a little! It offers a reasonably comprehensive diet and at this excellent results! I dropped no less than 10 kg for the first month without difficulty.

Further – it is easier. After three months, I regained my weight to 57 kg with a growth of 173 see. And I also corrected my health. So I recommend this diet to everyone who wants to lose weight and improve their health!

I agree that diet helps not only to lose weight but also very positively affects the general well-being! The main thing is to constantly adhere to proper nutrition and not allow yourself to overeat!

Angelina selected a cereal diet for herself. The star foods on pumpkin and flaxseeds, buckwheat, millet, quinoa and nuts (only in minimal quantities). Jolie claims that such a diet helps her stay thin and has a positive effect on her skin. However, relatives and friends of the actress say that she eats like a bird. Jolie occasionally indulges herself with a piece of lean meat and wine. According to one of Angelina’s helpers, in 2014, previously her marriage to Brad Pitt, the star’s regular diet did not exceed 600 calories. With tallness of 170 cm, Jolie weighed 42 kg.

Jolie eats very slight and smokes a lot, so her current diet can hardly be considered exemplary. Repeatedly, the actress was diagnosed with liberal anorexia, and Angelina had to sit on therapeutic diets to gain weight.

Jolie’s main diet, smooth her lifestyle, was the Atkins diet. On it, it is essential to reduce the presence of simple carbohydrates on the menu as much as likely, increase the weight of protein foods and slightly cut fats. The diet consists of three phases, and the fourth phase is already a way of life.

When entering the diet, excluding all sweets (including fruits, berries and dried fruits), flour, cereals, beans, carrots, beets, potatoes, soda, and alcohol is essential. So we rebuild the body to disrupt fats and adapt to a new diet. At this first stage, lasting 10-14 days, the menu should be based on eggs, milk and sour milk, fish and seafood, lean meat, seeds, nuts (except peanuts), porcini mushrooms, permitted vegetables and fruits. It would help if you ate fractionally and little by little. You can’t starve. The drinking ratio consists of tea, natural coffee, juices and infusions.


Angelina Jolie diet comprises lots of lean steaks, primarily red meat. It helps her get the correct amounts of protein short of stuffing herself to the neck. She depends on a protein diet to get through her busy schedule, which often means she has to skip meals unconsciously.

Angelina Jolie’s Diet Angelina Jolie follows a healthy diet, focusing on antioxidant-rich foods, omega-3 fatty acids and fibre, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates.

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