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What is Blogger Outreach? – Types, Benefits, and More

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Blogger outreach is a marketing policy in which brands reach out to one or more well-known industry bloggers or influencers to promote their products and services. Blogger’s reach revolves around content marketing (like guest posting from industry leaders) or partnerships (like promoting services to large crowds through influencer posts). With the support of the right influencer, your business can reach unprecedented heights. For example, if your business is related to architecture, you can reach out to bloggers in associated industries, such as interior design. The upside is that they share an expected audience but aren’t rivals. Instead, they offer different things to the same audience. In this way, new clients can be won over time.

Why Blogger Outreach is a Good Plan?

Blogger outreach is an extremely cost-effective marketing method to help your brand get the focused exposure it needs. Essentially, blogging awareness is a good strategy because it improves visibility and boosts SEO and content marketing strategies. Bloggers who show a keen interest in your business can help you promote your service to the right audience. Known for their fan base, these bloggers can help you take your business to great heights with your promotions.

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Types of Blogger’s Outreach

Types of Blogger's Outreach

The type of blogger outreach you do depends on your business, and there are some fantastic options to choose from.

1. Sponsored Posts

These are posts that a blogger gets paid to write and publish, with mentions and links to your brand. The amount of money required to pay for a sponsored post depends on the blogger’s popularity and influence and the type of post desired. Agree on the conditions beforehand and make it clear what you expect from the position.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) states that a blogger must always say when they have received money for a post, so there will usually be a disclaimer at the bottom of sponsored posts stating this.

2. Product Reviews

Other tactics companies use to submit their products to bloggers in exchange for a review, whether in the form of a video, blog post, or photos on social media. Everybody loves getting free stuff, so bloggers are sure to have a smile on their face before they even try your product. But, if they practice and love it, you can be sure they will tell the world about it.

3. Product Features

A product feature is similar to a rating. However, your product will appear in an article on a more prominent topic instead of an official review. For example, a travel blogger might write about their journey to Spain, casually mentioning that they had your awesome backpack.

4. Gifts

Hosting a giveaway is highly effective for both the blogger and the brand. The clue is that you as the brand offer the prize, and the blogger or influencer hosts the contest, which can be on YouTube, their blog, or any other social media platform. Wherever they choose, you can bet people will walk in and give your brand an invaluable presence.

The Benefits of Blogger Outreach

The key to reaching bloggers effectively is making it work for both businesses and bloggers. Your content marketing campaign will tank if your outreach attempts don’t include incentives. It can be in the form of a product you can try and keep or some products that serve as contest prizes. Anything that increases a blogger’s reach and reputation is like a shiny change to a magpie.

The incentive for you as an eCommerce corporate is to build backlinks and reach new audiences. Bloggers spend years building loyalty, so a post or tweet about your product can drive tons of social shares, traffic, and leads. Find the right bloggers, build relationships, and you’ll have a relevant audience ready to showcase your products. This approach is perfect for startups or small businesses without a vast online reach.


Blogger outreach services sometimes referred to as influencer marketing or guest posting, are designed to get links and mentions to your website from other relevant bloggers in your industry. Blogger outreach, a popular link-building strategy, consists of reaching out to blog owners with an offer to write free content or to work with them to produce content relevant to their target audience while focusing on their business, product, or obtain their service. In addition, include a non-promotional backlink to your website in the range.

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