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6 Tips to Have Smoother Skin Naturally

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Smoother skin: We cannot forget that, in addition to taking care of it from the outside, it is important to act from the inside to achieve smoother skin. We must stay well hydrated and take care of our emotions. Are you tired of having rough or dry skin? Are you sure you’re taking care of her properly? And yet, don’t you notice softer skin?

If you follow the steps we propose, we assure you that your skin will be smoother from the first day.

Why Can’t I Get Smoother Skin?

Why Can't I Get Smoother Skin_

  • The first thing you should know is that many factors prevent you from having smoother skin:
  • Unbalanced diet
  • Bad habits, such as tobacco or alcohol
  • dehydration
  • Excess exposure to the sun
  • Inadequate care
  • Stress and emotional and nervous disorders

The first step to improving the health and appearance of your skin should be to resolve these factors.

1. She Exfoliated

When the skin is rough, it means that there is an excess of dead cells that, at the same time, hinder the regeneration of the dermis. For this reason, it is advisable to perform an exfoliation once a week or every fortnight.

We do not recommend using synthetic exfoliants since we have different natural products within our reach that allow us to make homemade and natural peels, such as baking soda, sugar, sea salt, or coffee. We must choose the thinnest or thickest exfoliant depending on the area we want to treat. Always use gentler exfoliants on the face than on the rest of the body.

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2. Go to the Beach

A getaway to the beach is also a therapy for our skin since we achieve several effects at the same time:

  • We exfoliate the skin thanks to the sand and the sea.
  • We provide minerals.
  • We provide vitamin D to get a nice tan, as long as we do it in moderation and with common sense.

3. Hydrate

To have smoother skin, in addition to exfoliating it, we must moisturize it, since otherwise, we could dry it out too much.

However, choosing a moisturizing lotion suitable for our skin type is essential so that it nourishes enough without leaving our skin oily. One way to achieve this is to apply vegetable oil right after showering, before drying off.

In this way, the skin will absorb the product better since the pores will be open due to the heat, and we will be able to remove excess oil with the towel. As a result, the skin will be very hydrated and shine-free.

4. Drink water

The skin is hydrated from the outside but also from within. How? Drinking sufficient water throughout the day and always outside meals to achieve the beneficial effect we want: softer, hydrated skin without impurities.

Our recommendation is the following:

  • Two glasses of water on an empty stomach, twenty minutes before breakfast.
  • Three glasses of water throughout the morning.
  • Three glasses of water throughout the afternoon.

At meals, we can also drink if we are thirsty, but it will not fulfill the function we want on the skin, and if we overdo it, we will hinder digestion.

5. Daily Report

The dry brushing technique has more and more followers since it is simple, free, fast, and effective. Brushing our skin daily, from bottom to top, always in the direction of the heart, helps us activate circulation and improve skin oxygenation, as well as combat fluid retention, cellulite, and stretch marks.

6. Relax

The nervous system is narrowly connected to the skin. Many dermatitis and eczema problems are challenging to cure because they originate from nervous disorders.

If we suffer from skin problems despite following all these steps and taking care of our diet, we must pay more attention to our interior and analyze if we are suffering from any stress due to work or personal reasons.


Having smooth-textured skin is skin that is smooth to the touch, resistant, flexible, pleasant-looking, and luminous, which indicates good hydration.

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