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What is Buying Backlinks? – A Complete Guide

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To buy quality backlinks at a reasonable price, you must first understand the process of buying backlinks and what it is.

Why Buy Links?

You might say that the main reason you want to buy backlinks is that all the cool kids do it, but that’s not the only reason you should choose to buy quality backlinks.

Other reasons to buy backlinks are:

  • More and more companies are buying backlinks now more than ever. And that can include your competitors
  • Businesses of all sizes use white hat link-building strategies such as B. reaching out to bloggers and guest posts.
  • As the cost of buying backlinks increases, so does the number of companies purchasing and doing their best to integrate them internally.

Overall, it’s worth noting that a lot has changed regarding buying backlinks. The most significant change is that Google’s algorithms are getting extremely smart when determining which backlinks are relevant and which are irrelevant.

So, even if you want to buy quality backlinks to increase upvotes on your site, you need to be careful, as you can’t just buy any link in the hope of success.

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How Much do Backlinks Cost?

Backlinks cost

In general, the cost of buying backlinks differs from site to site. First, however, you have to worry about who is selling the links.

Suspicious agencies provide backlinks, often purchased from PBNs, brokers, web admins, and forums. Unfortunately, these backlinks usually put your website at risk. For this reason, you should consider buying links created by manual contact. But, now that you know what you could buy, how much do backlinks cost?

Well, the sad truth is that we don’t have a definite answer to that. Mainly because the cost of buying backlinks varies wildly, and there are many considerations you need to take into account.

However, you will be cheerful to know that our pricing is quite transparent. And you can see the cost of our authority links and the metrics used.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Backlinks

Before you buy backlinks, you should be aware that several factors come into play regarding the cost of the links you need for your website/web pages.

To stay safe and simplify the link buying process, consider the following factors.

Website Type

Depending on the website you want agencies to contact, the price may go up or down. Most website owners wish to link from websites with high organic traffic.

However, getting exposure on these sites takes a lot of effort, and the link price can go up. Most of the time, these are earned links, and your money is spent on the outreach team’s efforts to establish a connection with the website owner.

Additionally, the price will differ depending on the authority metric you choose if you are looking for links from sites previously vetted based on SEO metrics.

Content (Quality)

High-traffic websites are demanding when it comes to the quality of content. Most of the time, they look for content written by experts and tend to publish it with the natural bio of the author. However, such content does not come cheap. Even if you want a native English speaker, the cost can add up even more.

Brand Strength

A strong brand saves you a lot of money buying and link building. So if you already have a solid online presence, you’ll find it easier to get a response from other brands you’re trying to communicate with. Your emails will be responded to faster and more frequently, translating to prompt offers from valuable partners on your list.

Creative Control

The link buying process is influenced by your brand’s level of creative control. By this, we mean that your brand integrity should be at a desirable level. And as the list of standards for acceptable websites grows, which happens when brands know they’re at the top of their game, you need to ensure your brand integrity is always protected.

Link Quality

It is the other factor affecting the link cost and buying process. Of course, older websites with excellent link metrics are more expensive and harder to target these companies.

Most older websites know they are valuable brands and have strict limits on the number of outbound links they can generate each month. In most cases, you will see that these brands are already lagging behind many other brands looking for backlinks from that established brand.


Buying backlinks can break or leave a mark, but you must follow the rules. Avoid low-quality links, don’t break the rules and risk being penalized by Google. Avoid outbound spam/anchor links, and make sure the links are relevant.

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